Determine and implement strategies to create a resilient, trauma-informed community.

Goals for 2019

  • Monitor the completion of the Resiliency/Trauma Resources Clearinghouse;
  • Support the Reaching Teens Sustainability work group as needed.
  • Monitor the completion of the Learning Community on Screening Tools;
  • Monitor the completion of the base line study on self-care by the Caring for the Care-Giver Learning Community and help finalize recommendations to the membership by December 2019; and
  • Monitor the progress of implementation of the Recognize/Rise Campaign

What's Happening?

Meeting Date, Time, Location



Nancy Hagan Community Volunteer (817) 999-3335

Lyn Willis Community Volunteer

Committee Members

Tracy Koller, Chair Sustaining Reaching Teens MHMRTC

Sustaining Reaching Teens -- Kay Barkin, Communications Barkin Communications

Sustaining Reaching Teens -- Becka Meier The Women's Center

Sustaining Reaching Teens -- Sonya Mosley Lena Pope Home

Sustaining Reaching Teens -- Peggy Rodriguez Juvenile Services

Sustaining Reaching Teens -- DiAnn Rucker Sante Fe Youth Services

Sustaining Reaching Teens -- Vicki Warren FWISD

Sustaining Reaching Teens -- Lena Zettler Cook Children's

Resilience/Trauma Resources Clearinghouse -- Stacey Lewis,Co-Chair Lena Pope Home

Resilience/Trauma Resources Clearingh.-- Shellie McMillon,Co-Chair Alliance for Children

Resilience/Trauma Resources Clearinghouse -- Alisha-Byerly The Women's Center

Resilience/Trauma Resources Clearinghouse - Michael Chaney Mind Above Matter

Resilience/Trauma Resources Clearinghouse -- Teneisha Kennard JPS

Resilience/Trauma Resources Clearinghouse -- Odette Thomlinson Parenting Center

Trauma/Resilience Screening Tools -- Ottis Goodwin, Co-Chair FWISD

Trauma/Resilience Screening Tools -- Dr. James Petrovich TCU

Trauma/Resilience Screening Tools -- Deborah Caddy The Women's Center

Trauma/Resilience Screening Tools -- Mary Ann Contreras JPS

Trauma/Resilience Screening Tools -- Erin Fairleigh Lena Pope Home

Trauma/Resilience Screening Tools -- Jessica Grace UNTHSC

Trauma/Resilience Screening Tools -- Dr. Bill Menchaca Juvenile Services

Trauma/Resilience Screening Tools -- Cameron Navarro TCU

Trauma/Resilience Screening Tools -- Dr. Carolyn Parcells Girls to Women

Trauma/Resilience Screening Tools -- Dr. Anu Partap Cook Children's Hospital

Trauma/Resilience Screening Tools -- Tenisha Polk Safe Haven

Trauma/Resilience Screening Tools -- Emily Spence UNTHSC

Trauma/Resilience Screening Tools -- Melanie Wilmoth-Navarro CASA

Self-Care Learning Community -- Don Binnicker, Co-Chair CASA

Self-Care Learning Community -- George Cannata, Co-Chair CPS

Self-Care Learning Community -- Cyndi Bethany FWISD

Self-Care Learning Community -- Cameron Brown Cook Children's

Self-Care Learning Community -- Wes Cunningham ACH

Self-Care Learning Community -- Dr. Jennifer Farnum Juvenile Services

Self-Care Learning Community -- Kim Garrett Recovery Resources

Self-Care Learning Community -- Shana Hazzard Lena Pope Home

Self-Care Learning Community -- Desiree Partain Medstar

Self-Care Learning Community -- Stacey Reynolds MHMR

Self-Care Learning Community -- Lisa Rowett JPS

Self-Care Learning Community -- Cyndy Twedell, SR AssocMinister UCC

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